What Movie Did Elvis First Appear In?

Can you believe that it’s been over 40 years since Elvis Presley first graced the silver screen? His first movie was actually a musical called Love Me Tender. After that he went on to star in 31 more films, many of which were hugely successful.

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While many people know that Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935, not as many are aware of his initial foray into the film world. In 1956, at the ripe age of 21, Elvis made his first appearance on the big screen in a film entitled “Love Me Tender.” The movie was not originally intended to feature Elvis at all; however, after seeing his drawing power at the box office, 20th Century Fox decided to change the focus of the film and center it around him.

“Love Me Tender” was a Western-themed drama set during and after the American Civil War. It told the story of brothers who fight over a girl they both love. Elvis played one of the brothers, named Clint Reno. The film also featured Debra Paget and Richard Egan in leading roles.

Despite mostly negative reviews from critics, “Love Me Tender” was a financial success. It ended up grossing over $2 million dollars in its opening weekend, which was a very impressive feat for a relatively unknown actor at the time. It ultimately went on to earn over $4 million dollars total during its theatrical run.

Elvis’s performance in “Love Me Tender” helped propel him to superstardom and he would go on to appear in 33 additional films throughout his career. Some of his most popular movies include “Jailhouse Rock,” “Viva Las Vegas,” and “Blue Hawaii.” He also starred in multiple musicals and documentaries.

Early life and career

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Gladys Presley (née Smith) and Vernon Presley, in a two-room shotgun house. His twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, was delivered 35 minutes before him, stillborn. Elvis’ father Vernon was employed at an electrical plant and later in agriculture. The family’s poverty forced them to move to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948. Elvis’ mother Gladys worked as a sewing machine operator at an upholstery factory.

First movie appearance

Elvis Presley’s first movie appearance was in the movie “Love Me Tender” in 1956.

Later movie roles

Elvis made his movie debut in the 1956 musical drama “Love Me Tender.” He played a supporting role as a Confederate soldier. The film was not a huge box office success, but Elvis’s performance was well-received.

Elvis went on to star in 33 movies, most of them musicals. His final film was the 1968 comedy “Speedway.” He also starred in a number of made-for-television movies in the 1970s.

Musical style and influence

Presley’s musical style was based on country music and rhythm and blues. He had a versatile voice and had unusually wide success encompassing many genres, including country, pop ballads, gospel, and blues. Rock historian Jon Richard Gruen said that delivered “a larger-than-life performance that jump-started the rock ‘n’ roll revolution.” With the development of multitrack recording, Elvis was able to record his voice alone in the studio and overlay it with complementary voices or instruments. This technique became known as the “Nashville sound”, a style dominant in country music during the late 1950s and 1960s.

Personal life

Elvis Presley made his film debut in the movie “Love Me Tender.”


Elvis first appeared in the movie “Death of a Nation” in 1953.


Elvis Presley’s legacy continues long after his death. He is one of the most well-known and successful musicians in history. His influence can be seen in many different genres of music, from rock to country. Elvis was also a successful actor, appearing in 33 feature films.

Elvis’ first film appearance was in the movie “Love Me Tender” in 1956. In this film, Elvis played the character of Clint Reno, a gunslinger who must fight for his family’s honor. “Love Me Tender” was a box office success, earning over $4 million dollars. Elvis’ performance in the film was well-received by critics and audiences alike.

While “Love Me Tender” was Elvis’ first feature film, it was not his first acting role. In 1953, Elvis appeared on the television show “The Ed Sullivan Show.” This was a major moment in Elvis’ career, as it introduced him to a national audience. After this appearance, Elvis became a household name and his career took off.


Elvis first appeared in the movie “Love Me Tender.”


Elvis Presley’s filmography includes 33 feature films, 2 shorts, and 1 television special. In his youth, Presley made his screen debut in a supporting role—along with several other cast members who would later become famous—in the 1953 feature film Love Me Tender. In 1956, he secured top billing in his first leading role for Paramount Pictures’ musical drama Jailhouse Rock. For 20th Century Fox, he made nine non-musical feature films from 1958 to 1960, and starred in 31 musicals from 1956 to 1969.

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